JazzCast Ep 6: John Kocur Part 2

Kokur post pic 2Welcome to Episode 6 of the JazzCast, the podcast dedicated to curated listening sessions with jazz musicians! This is the second in a two part series of my interview with John Kocur, jazz saxophonist from Washington DC. On this podcast you will hear a little more about his influences as well as four more of his original songs from his albums “Fortitude” and “The Smoker.” I hope you enjoy his wonderful music and thank you for listening! I have to make one correction: the song played as an intro is actually called “Requiem” not “The Year of the Dragon” and was a tribute to some of the people who passed away that were close to him. Please join my email list or check back next Tuesday for additional episodes. Also please check out the links below to his songs that are available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Songs played in this podcast:

Mentioned in this podcast (including part 1):


JazzCast Ep 5: John Kocur part 1

Kokur post pic 1 finalWelcome to the 5th episode of the JazzCast, the only jazz podcast dedicated to curated listening sessions by jazz musicians! Today you will hear an interview with John Kocur, jazz saxophonist and professor of music at Northern Virginia Community College. I decided to split the interview up into two parts, both of which will be posted today but in separate posts. I just wanted to have smaller file sizes for people to download and I also wanted to make each episode about a half hour long. I really enjoyed recording this interview, and his song “Requiem” is a very fitting song to listen to in retrospect. Thank you John Kocur for generously giving your time and talents! You can purchase his albums from CDBaby and all the typical online outlets, as seen below. John Kocur can also be found at his website at http://johnkocur.com. Thanks again for listening, and please also check out part 2!

Songs featured in this podcast:

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JazzCast Ep 4: Ryan McGeorge, Jazz Euphonium


Welcome to the 4th episode of the JazzCast, the jazz podcast dedicated to curated listening sessions by jazz musicians! Today I am very happy to bring you an interview of Ryan McGeorge, valve trombonist and jazz euphonium player who plays with the President’s Own Marine Band as well as lead trombone in the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra. I hope you enjoy listening to an electronic euphonium playing music from the Predator soundtrack. Or a crazy take on Rosanna by Toto. He also features his brass quartet in a transcription of Strunz and Farah’s “Gypsy Earrings.”

You can get the tracks here:

Mentioned in this podcast:

Hope you enjoy! Check back next week for the next podcast interview. I’m going to try to put one up every Tuesday.

JazzCast Ep3: Interview with Elijah Jamal Balbed


Welcome back everyone to another episode of the JazzCast! Today we have Elijah Jamal Balbed, DC tenor saxophonist, on the show to talk about his current musical projects. Listen to the end and you will hear some unreleased material that is a sneak peak for his upcoming live album he will be releasing later this year.

Elijah plays with some heavy cats! Mentioned in this podcast are (in order of mention):

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JazzCast Ep2: Interview with Billy Wolfe

JazzCast_Ep2_BillyWolfe***UPDATED! I added new songs by Billy Wolfe and leveled out the volumes a bit.*** Finally got this up! A little late, unfortunately. But the music is good, so here it is. I hope you enjoy this second episode of the JazzCast which includes an interview with saxophonist Billy Wolfe.

Billy plays saxophone(s) in the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra as well as teaches private lessons and puts concerts together for his band, “Billy Wolfe and the Composer’s TetraDectet.” He pulls people from all over the midwest, east coast, and west coast to play new music by himself and guitarist Aaron Quinn. I was really happy to hear his bootleg recording; I had never heard any of his band’s music before. We listened to a recording of a piece by Aaron Quinn titled “The Thing About Tomorrow…” as well as a piece by Billy titled “Amethyst.” At the end we had a mini-curated-listening-session with a piece called Understandable by Fields and Planes, an indie rock band from Columbus. It’s always fun to hear new music and I hope you enjoy this episode! Thanks for stopping by!


The JazzCast – Episode 1 – My vision and introduction



Welcome to the JazzCast, a new podcast devoted to the appreciation and listening of the great genre labeled as jazz.

Transcription below:

Usually, I’m going to be doing interviews, but for the first episode, I’d like to lay out my vision of this show.  Basically, this podcast idea was born as I was driving to work and wanted to hear new jazz but was unable to find a radio station out where I live. My hope is to give this genre a positive push, to focus on the music and the tremendous talent pool behind the genre.Welcome to the JazzCast, a new podcast devoted to the appreciation and listening of the great genre labeled as jazz.

My goal is interview new jazz musicians and to post their original music on the podcast app in iTunes and Stitcher radio. I’d like to start out with local musicians in the DC area, and then branch out across the US and the world. If you or anyone you know has original music and would like to be interviewed, please let me know. You can contact me at jazztothebone [@] gmail.com.

Before we get started, I would love for you to visit my website, http://jazztothebone.com . You’re welcome to subscribe to my email list to know each new artist as I post the podcasts each week.

With that said, I’d like to give you a little of bit of information about myself. I’m a high school music technology and finance teacher, as well as an active trombone in the DC area. I play every Monday night with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, and you’ll hear me talk about that a lot because a lot of the musicians I know are from that particular ensemble. I also run my own all-female big band called Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes.  We’re made up of professional musicians from the DC area. You can find out more at bullettesjazz.com.  I also play in several pick up combos, do a jazz combo of my own on the side called Jazz to the Bone, and I play in a salsa band called Timba Street.

I’m really looking forward to bringing new talent into this podcast and getting to know some musicians in this area. If you’d like, you can follow me on twitter. Everything is jazz to the bone.  So I’m on twitter at jazztothebone, facebook at jazztothebone2, Instagram at jazztothebone, and I even have a very low active g plus at jazztothebone as well.

Once again, thank you so much for joining me today. I hope to see you back again for the very first interview, episode 2, of the JazzCast. Many thanks to Brent Birkhead for letting me use his song “Ivory Antidote” as the bumper music. This is a recording I made of him playing with Karine Chapdelaine on bass, Josh Walker on guitar, and CV Dashiell the 3rd on drums at Caton Castle restaurant in Baltimore. You can hear more of his music at http://brentbirkheadjazz.com. I hope to get everyone in this recording on here some day.

Thanks again for stopping by!